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Data Privacy as a Service

Privacy as a Service (PaaS or DPaaS) is a form of software as a service (SaaS) platform where disclosure notices, consent management and compliance software is combined to offer businesses a comprehensive managed privacy service to improve transparency and user control regarding data privacy. For a complete solution that combines software with privacy professionals, a privacy team can be included to operate as an external Data Protection Officer and guide the organization through impact assessments and introducing privacy by design into the workflow.

The evolving focus on data privacy and protection by regulators, businesses and consumers is the next wave of the Data Revolution. Businesses on the cutting edge of data collection and usage are starting to realize that they will not be able to continue their existing business model without improving the privacy protections that they offer to consumers.

Regulators both in the European Union and the United States have made it clear that businesses must evolve. The European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which they will start enforcing after May 25, 2016. The United States Congress is currently considering three different pieces of legislation to regulate privacy on websites and mobile applications between the U.S. House and Senate, including the BROWSER Act, the CONSENT Act, and the Social Media Privacy and Consumer Rights Act.

The need to use a Data Privacy as a Service solution is three-fold. First, GDPR created a race for organizations to hire Data Protection Officers with the experience necessary to lead their privacy program and comply with the terms of Article 37 of the GDPR. Second, even if an organization can find the right personnel internally to build a privacy program, automated data collection, processing and sharing is simply happening at too fast a pace for a manual process to work. As a result, a more automated technology process such as Data-Privacy-as-a-Service is needed.

Finally, the latest surveys on the subject indicate that only a minority of online users trust businesses in order to protect their privacy. By bringing in an outside organization to improve privacy protections including transparency and consumer controls, businesses should be able to separate themselves from these concerns and gain more trust for users into their privacy practices.


PaaS as the Future of Data Privacy

Organizations are collecting an increasing amount of data in order to facilitate product improvements and improved marketing. Consumers are willing to share data but businesses may have taken their data collection, usage and sharing too far. As users begin demanding more transparency into organization’s privacy practices, businesses may need to turn to external vendors in order to overhaul their privacy systems. This sort of Data Privacy as a Service will likely be a popular offering in the future as businesses try to maintain or rebuild customer trust from data breaches and controversial data sharing or usage.

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