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Cookie Compliance Tools: Consent Manager and Cookie Scanner

Use the Clarip Cookie Consent Manager and cookie scanner for compliance solutions to meet the needs of the old (and upcoming) cookie laws.

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Websites in Europe have used scripts with cookie banners to promote compliance with consent laws for cookies for some time. The GDPR and the cookie consent under the ePrivacy Regulation however will require enhanced compliance software such as a consent management platform and cookie scanner to provide the needed tools to comply with the new regulations.


What are some of the Cookie Compliance Tools that organizations should consider?

Impact Assessment Survey Tools: GDPR requires that organizations consider the privacy implications of data collection and usage via data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) in certain circumstances and they are certainly suggested in a much broader set of situations. DPIA tools can ease the process of evaluating the privacy considerations from multiple stakeholders and ensure that appropriate records are kept of the information gathered, the considerations of the decisionmakers based on the information, and the ultimate outcome.

Cookie Consent Manager: Most websites have historically gathered implied consent for the use of cookies. However, the GDPR will require express consent (or another basis for lawful processing) for cookies that involve personally identifiable information and the upcoming changes to the ePrivacy Directive will provide further changes to how businesses are using cookies. When the cookies implicate the GDPR, they will also need to comply with the law’s transparency requirements to provide provide the required information about the data they are collecting, using and sharing. The software will need to provide the required information in order to obtain consent in a transparent manner, and create appropriate records to ensure that consent can be tracked in a subsequent audit or government inquiry. Cookie consent management will also require giving the EU citizen the ability to withdraw their consent in a manner that is in a form at least as easily accessed as the original consent request and acceptance.

Cookie Scanner and Analyzer: Website scanners can perform a quick cookie audit to determine if a website’s usage of cookies complies with the current regulations. They replace the manual process of surfing the website to detect which cookies are set. These website scans work better than manual surfing for large or complex websites, multiple websites and to double check against human error. These tools scan various pages of the website, check to see if cookies are set, and produce a list of the cookies in use.

The implementation of some or all of these software tools helps ensure that the systems are in place to promote compliance and minimize the risk to the organization of a government inquiry about cookies. An ePrivacy Regulation and GDPR compliant cookie policy is an important step to remember when creating a program for GDPR compliance and setting up audits to test the organization’s privacy protections.

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