Fully Automated
Cookie Management solution.

Manage unlimited cookies across 1000's of sites, domains & vendors.

Display custom banners and obtain consent on-the-fly.

Comply with current and future E-Privacy regulations.


Less work for your team.

The most powerful cookie management software.

Everything is automated. From detection to classification to real-time monitoring to consent collection to audit trail.

Deep Scan.

Unlimited levels. Unlimited Types.

Whether it is a single pixel transparent image, or script, or object, or iframe, or txt or html - Clarip’s deep scan technology will detect and categorize all the tracking technologies along with the associated vendors.

Restricted Pages

Scan behind login pages and IAM portals. Typically different cookies are set on pages inside a member portal or behind login / authentication pages. Also, you may have new vendors, and payment processors setting cookies there. Clarip's cookie scan can detect and track all cookies, including the ones found on restricted pages.

Regular Intervals

Schedule scan at preset intervals. Clarip's cookie scan will automatically detect changes over time and track new cookies, if any.

Cookie Banner Design

Customize everything in few clicks

It is easy to match the look and feel of the cookie banner with your website or app!

Location. Location. Location.

Decide where to show the banner. We understand the critical need for outstanding User experience. Cookie banners should not obstruct or diminish user experience on websites. You can with a single click decide where the banner is being shown. Also, some EU countries have specific requirements on where cookie banners must be shown.

Country Specific.

Make all EU member states happy!

Clarip’s cookie compliance module can auto detect the site visitor’s location based on their IP address and show the appropriate consent notice in the local language.

Multiple Banners.

Support for thousands of banners

Clarip’s cookie compliance tool can support thousands of banners in a single instance. Easily create multiple banners - each with their own set of rules, and language settings and track them individually.

Compliance Options

Opt-in banner. Opt-out banner. Info only banner. Easily choose the type of banner.

Compliance Reporting

Real-time Reports and Audit Trail

All consent records stored in one place. Granular level reporting capabilities helps privacy professionals demonstrate compliance to authorities easily. Date and Time stamp of when consent is given, along with IP address and the type of action that took place on the consent banner, and the webpage in which the action took place are captured and stored. Easily take screenshots or export into an Excel file.

Executive Dashboards

A quick glance shows the big picture. Easily understand how cookie banners are performing. See the percentage of people opting out OR in. Monitor changes over time.

Fast Implementation

Integrate with your website or mobile app.

Integrate with Tag Management tools

Automatically pop up cookie banners without any changes to your website. You can easily integrate Clarip’s cookie compliance tool with industry leading tag management solutions such as GTM (Google Tag Manager), Tealium and others.

Fully API driven.

Clarip’s cookie compliance solution is the most powerful cookie management software! You can even change the look and feel of the banner programmatically based on a CSS file, or API parameters you pass! Easily manage hundreds or thousands of banners on-the-fly and match the style of the site in which the solution is being implemented.


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