Your customers deserve better.
Transform Privacy notices into a full Privacy Center.

Today's customers demand more. They want clarity + choice. This multi-channel engagement environment driven by technology, and hundreds of vendors / third-parties in your ecosystem makes it complicated to maintain accurate privacy notices. Then there is GDPR with data subject access rights.

It's time put the customer first! It's time to implement the Privacy Center and build TRUST.

Everything in one place.

Rethink Privacy Policy. It's not just a compliance requirement. It is an opportunity to connect and engage with your customers. Make it easy for them to see what you are doing with their data. Magically deployed for you with a single click!

Easy to understand. Clean.

A policy that will finally be read by your customers. Something that can demonstrate your commitment to clarity and transparency.

A wrapper that sits on top of your full legal version of your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers have tons of questions. Predict them and create a list of questions and answers. Reduce costly support calls by addressing various aspects of your privacy program clearly. This is true especially in the event of a data breach.

Transparency Report.

Easily create and share privacy reports.

People are always concerned about what information you share and with whom. Now you can bring transparency to your process.
It is easy to document and publish transparency reports including DMCA activities.

A Library of Articles

Privacy Center allows you to publish all of your policies in one place. From basic privacy and security policies to incident response policies to vendor sharing policies to cookie policies - Maintain all assets in one place where your customers can access them. All directly from your website.


See these features in action!