About Clarip Data Privacy and Engagement Platform

Clarip brings companies and consumers together, and makes engagement more social and intimate! Clarip is a fundamentally new way for companies to engage with consumers on a very personal level. By bringing clarity and transparency to the data collection process, we help build "Trust" which is critical for any relationship, business or otherwise. Consumers for the fist time, can easily understand what data is being collected and shared about them, all in one place!

Our technology
Using our patent pending technology, we connect companies with customer preferences across multiple channels in real-time for a seamless experience. Clarip is a revolutionary SaaS based data privacy platform for social, web, mobile, cloud, apps and IoT devices. Whether its a "Connected Car" or the next popular Health/Fitness App, our innovative platform can help consumers get clarity, AND help companies engage better.

It's all about Data
There is an exponential growth in data gathered from multiple channels in recent years. Data privacy risk is the big elephant in the room that can no longer be ignored. Clarip's platform allows brands to give choices to consumers, and helps turn Big Data into Smart Data that is actionable! From real-time event-based response for data breaches to implementing compliance strategies, Clarip APIs and privacy frameworks help businesses minimize compliance risks, engage better, increase conversions and even create new revenue streams!

Our Goal
Democratize Data Privacy. We believe that "Right to Know", and "Freedom of Choice" should remain a fundamental right. We believe companies that view customer interests as their own, are the ones that will be successful in the long run. Our innovation helps companies do just that!

We are located in a philadelphia suburb, little over an hour from NYC.