Clarip Privacy and Engagement Platform

Tackle software and shadow IT risks related to data privacy.
Clarip empowers IT executives with information and tools needed to manage data privacy risks from third-party libraries, software platforms, and cloud services. Get a holistic view on your software risks today.

Software / Shadow IT brings significant data privacy risks for your organization. Nearly 92% of companies don’t even know the scope of their shadow IT. When executives think about shadow IT they often refer to potential "unintended data leaks" by employees who may be using unsecured cloud infrastructure and services. But there is another aspect, which is often overlooked.

Software whether it is on-premise or used as a cloud service, is capable of collecting various types of data. Administration / log data, data for trouble-shooting and debug modes, webserver server logs, DB logs, and network logs, to name a few. You need a through understanding of what software you have or your developers’ use, and what that software or service is collecting. Whether it is Google analytics code on your website, or a third-party cloud service, Clarip platform offers great features to tackle and manage Shadow IT/Software risks. You will be able to:

> Get an Inventory snapshot of your organization’s software

> Get a comprehensive list of data collected from each software or cloud vendor

> Understand and fix the gaps between what's actually collected and what your organization's privacy policy allows

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