Easy Integrations.

1000’s of Pre-built connectors and APIs

Your customer data resides across your enterprise - Both within your databases and apps, as well as with outside cloud providers. Connecting with third-party vendors and cloud solutions is super easy with Clarip’s pre-built connectors and Rest APIs.

Orchestrated scan helps you discover and extract customer data from multiple sources automatically.

Deploy in minutes

Fully integrate 3rd party systems & APIs in minutes.

Clarip’s open API and connector technology lets you integrate to third party systems and cloud apps easily without any complex code.

Use standards based RESTful and SOAP APIs or web hooks to tap into to data residing in external systems. It is super easy!

Designed for Engineers by Engineers

Powerful Metrics. Vendor Logs. Data Flow Logs.

As you connect to various service providers and vendors to pull data for fulfilling a DSR request, OR to propagate the stored consent from our unified repository to a marketing platform, or to send a Do Not Sell request, tracking what happened over time is important.

Why Clarip



Automated Data Mapping

Executing manual surveys and assessments are a thing of the past. Prone to errors and inefficient. Our pre-built scanners can scan most databases automatically.

Data Risk Intelligence

Go beyond scanning for cookies. Proprietary scan technology can scan all internal and external sites and apps and detect privacy risks.

End-to-End DSR Fulfillment

Starting with identity validation, to guided discovery of personal information on a specific individual, to responding in a secure manner to notifying vendors - everything is on auto-pilot!

Global scalability

Data centers around the world. SOC 2 Type 2 certified.

Easily adhere to global privacy regulations. Keep data within target geolocation. Our platform architecture supports multi-region deployments easily. Keep US data within US. Keep EU data within EU and so on. Compartmentalize data retention rules.
enhance vendor management with better visibility and comprehensive understanding of global regulatory requirements

Build Consumer Trust

Business Rules Dictate everything.

business exceptions

Business Exceptions

You may need to retain certain data. Something is being processed. Automate responses by simply configuring your business exceptions, or by querying into another system.
business exemptions

Business Exemptions

You are subject to GLBA or similar requirements. Automate responses by simply configuring your business exemptions, or by calling another API.
custom email templates

Customize Email Templates

Respond to customers easily by tweaking 1000s of pre-built templates that already contain proper legal language.

Intelligent Design

Fast Integration.

What took days and weeks to integrate, now only takes minutes. Simply enter API keys or tenant name to the external system, and our pre-built connectors will do the magic. Want to send consent records to another system? You can do it in real-time or in batch mode nightly. How about every 2 hours or 4 hours? All possible. Everything is configurable. A developer’s dream!

Fully Secure

Private Secure Cloud Architecture. Built for the Enterprise.

Single Tenant

It’s privacy software after all. Isolated instances. Dedicated servers. Secure CDNs. On-premise Appliances. A security posture that meets your needs.

High Volume Scalability

Scan tens of millions of lines of code. Tens of Billions of records. Billions of API calls. Billions of consent records. All done with ease.

More savings in your bag

Saving thousands of man-hours and development time equates to millions of dollars in savings. Privacy is an investment.

Fully Automated

Automate everything

with powerful Hybrid-AI technology.

Clarip’s patented technology helps Fortune 500 companies automate everything. Whether it is pulling information from another system or a cloud vendor, OR classifying and tagging sensitive data across hundreds of data sources, or validating someone’s identity or fulfilling a Do Not Sell request and blocking a cookie, it is all automated with Clarip.


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