DSAR Portal.

Powerful data subject rights management software for the enterprise!

Simple. Intuitive. Easy to Deploy.

Comply with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy laws!


Less work for your team.

Automated Data Subject Rights Management Software.

Easily collect, track, respond and manage DASR requests from your customers and website users. Everything is automated. From data detection to classification to integration!

Powerful Scan Technology.

Automated Data Discovery.

Clarip's powerful scan technology can automatically detect and discover what data you are holding on data subjects from your public facing assets. With a single click you can share this or export to other systems.

GDPR compliance journey just got easier!

Clarip's DSAR portal and Privacy Center solution can help comply with the following articles under GDPR:

Article 12

Exercise of the Rights of the Data Subject
Article 15 - 17

Right of Access, Right to rectification, Right to be forgotten
Article 18

Right to restriction of processing
Article 19

Notification of rectification or erasure
Article 21

Right to object
Article 20

Right to data portability
Article 12

Transparency and modalities
Article 22

Object to Automated Individual Decision Making
Article 7(3)

Right to Withdraw Consent

Great User Experience.

Easy for your customers / Data Subjects.

DSAR requests can be submitted by the individual or an entity or a third-party on behalf of their clients. The platform comes with great looking pre-built neutral forms that can easily match the look and feel of your website or app!

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Automatic End-End Fulfillment.

Complying with the individual rights set forth in privacy laws, require organizations to make it easy for data subjects to submit requests and receive responses. It is NOT OK to have ad-hoc emails and support calls floating around in thin air or among multiple systems! Clarip's DSAR Portal offers a centralized solution for DPOs and CPOs to intake requests, assign requests to appropriate internal stakeholders and users, locate the data on the data subject, respond securely, and maintain an audit trail !

Executive Dashboards

A quick glance shows the big picture. Easily understand how many data subject requests are coming in, what your response time looks like, how it compares with others for benchmarking, what type of requests are common, and many more! Develop and share reports with executive stakeholders and business sponsors!


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