Automated Data Mapping.

Enterprise Data Inventory and Data Mapping software

Truly automated data mapping without any surveys and questionnaire! Take your data governance to the next level by scanning thousands of databases to identify, classify and catalog PII or PHI. All on AUTO-PILOT!

Your data is constantly changing. Clarip’s automated data mapping offers continuous monitoring and scanning of your data warehouse weekly or daily to keep up to date with your evolving data landscape. Whether it is on-premise or on the cloud, we got you covered!

Advanced Orchestration

Clarip’s patented technology makes privacy compliance easy! Our advanced scan orchestration engine automatically orchestrates the process of finding customer information among billions of records across thousands of data sources within your enterprise. This enables you to automatically respond to Individual Rights Requests (or DSR requests) under CCPA, GDPR and other regulations, saving tremendous amounts of time and money!

DSAR Portal

Transforming Data Governance

Comprehensive + Automated Mapping Solutions

Clarip gives compliance and governance professionals insights on all privacy risks within your organization. Clarip's technology offers both an agent-less architecture that can run scans across web applications and internal data sources, as well as an on-perm appliance that can detect and discover data without compromising security.

Guided Data Discovery.

Data is never sitting in one place or residing in a single application or database. It is usually spread across multiple data sources and consumed by various business processes and actors. Finding it requires a blueprint that clearly shows where PII is residing within the enterprise. Clarip’s data mapping algorithms scans and updates everything at regular intervals and guides you every step of the way!

Helping You Visualize + Discover

Clarip’s unique Scan Orchestration allows you to discover PII/PHI, and all relevant data on a unique individual automatically from multiple sources - both on-prem and on the cloud. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack - made easy!

Covering the entire Enterprise Ecosystem

Customer interactions and data is typically processed by multiple vendors and partners. Some on-prem. Some on the Cloud. We bring a unified view by connecting to those sources either directly or via APIs, so that you can have a single source of truth when it comes to PII.

Reversing Your Productivity Curve

Our algorithms allow you to focus on your business

When it comes to your organization's PII, don't get lost trying to discover thousands of data points. Focus on what's important - your primary products and services.

Clarip's algorithms do the hard part for your organization. By scanning your organization's infrastructure, Clarip locates all the relevant PII, so you can get back to business.

Support All Major Platforms

Offering Lightning fast analysis at petabyte scale

Clarip integrates with hundreds of databases and systems, like Oracle, NetSuite, IBM DB2, MySQL, Hadoop, Hadoop HIVE, Cassandra, SQLServer, MongoDB, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, Apache HBase, BigQuery, and many more making onboarding process easy and painless.

Both Structured and Un-Structured.

Yes, we also scan unstructured data in a variety of file formats such as word documents, excel spreadsheets, powerpoint files, PDF and image files stored across file servers, Sharepoint portals, Amazon S3 buckets, etc.

Oracle IBM DB2 MySQL hadoop hadoop HIVE Cassandra SQLServer mongoDB MariaDB PostgreSQL


Clarip’s powerful PII matrix shows various PII elements and their interconnectivity and relationships among multiple databases and tables.

Oracle IBM DB2 MySQL hadoop hadoop HIVE Cassandra SQLServer mongoDB MariaDB PostgreSQL


Add your own tags at every element and run powerful reports and analysis.

Oracle IBM DB2 MySQL hadoop hadoop HIVE Cassandra SQLServer mongoDB MariaDB PostgreSQL


Customizable Rules Engine allows you to proactively monitor privacy risks from data mapping results.

Oracle IBM DB2 MySQL hadoop hadoop HIVE Cassandra SQLServer mongoDB MariaDB PostgreSQL


Seamlessly connect to third-party systems and pull relevant PII data to fulfill individual rights requests.

Oracle IBM DB2 MySQL hadoop hadoop HIVE Cassandra SQLServer mongoDB MariaDB PostgreSQL


Data mapping algorithms auto classifies PII, but gives you the flexibility to change data categories and make your own classifications.

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