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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Consulting & Software Services

Clarip offers software and consulting services for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If your organization is one of the 500,000 estimated to fall within the scope of the new CA privacy law, then call Clarip at 1-888-252-5653 to discuss how we can help put your business on the path to CCPA compliance.

Clarip can act as either the privacy technology provider or consultants for your organization. We have developed enterprise privacy management software that has been selected by Fortune 500 clients to fill gaps in their programs. We work to enhance privacy practices through our technology and extensive knowledge base with leading businesses around the United States.

The California Consumer Privacy Act, frequently shortened to the CCPA, was adopted by the California legislature and signed by Governor Brown last year at the end of June. It will go into effect on January 1, 2020, with enforcement by the Attorney General beginning between January 1st and July 1st.

Clarip CCPA Timeline

However, the law is not static and businesses are going to have a short window to enhance their privacy programs and finalize compliance. It has already been amended once in 2018 via SB 1121. It may be amended in 2019 as the legislature considers more than a dozen bills with numerous technical and substantive changes before implementation. Even if the current law remains static, the Attorney General is going to issue implementing regulations that businesses will have less than six months to bring into force in their organization prior to the start of government enforcement.

The net result of the turmoil from the first state in the country to bring comprehensive privacy protections over from Europe is that many businesses will need professional consulting services to assist them with the new regulatory challenges in data privacy. Clarip stands ready to assist your company.

CCPA Readiness Assessment: Does your organization need an outside CCPA consultant to assess the current state of your privacy program and assess your CCPA readiness? Allow Clarip to perform an assessment of your program and identify the weaknesses in your CCPA compliance. This can be especially helpful for global organizations that are looking to leverage their GDPR efforts for CCPA.

Implementation Consultant: Do you need assistance implementing privacy practices prior to January 1, 2020? Businesses will need the help of a number of different software modules and experts in order to prepare for the new privacy law. From consent management to the right to access and delete, Clarip can help establish the policies and procedures as well as technological solutions that your organization needs.

Compliance Consultant: Do you need an organization to assess your compliance efforts and report back on the state of your privacy efforts? The remaining time before the effective data will pass by quickly. Schedule an assessment of your privacy protections and a gap analysis of areas for improvement in the interim.

Other Compliance Services: Do you have a unique challenge that requires privacy expertise and technological sophistication? We can help you expand your data privacy protections and compliance efforts with our technology solutions and privacy experience.

For California Consumer Privacy Act Consulting Services, Call Clarip Today!

Call 1-888-252-5653 to discuss the needs of your organization concerning data privacy generally or the California Consumer Privacy Act in particular. We will show you how Clarip stands apart from the many technology providers and consulting firms out there.

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