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Federal Privacy Law News – Following White House and Congress Efforts

Clarip is closely following discussions of proposed federal privacy law. Here is our past coverage of media reports from the President / White House and Congress:


White House

White House staff are reportedly meeting with members of the tech / business community and working on a proposal for Congress to regulate data privacy on the internet. Initial rumors put the timetable for an announcement of the new policy for last fall. The deadline from those initial media reports has come and gone. There are a number of bills already in Congress but we will be closely following any announcement’s of new privacy legislation from President Donald Trump or his staff.

Although President Trump and the White House have not endorsed a bill on privacy yet, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) requested comment on a proposed approach to protect consumer privacy in September and received over 200 comments from public organizations, industry associations, companies, academics and other individuals.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is also part of the Commerce Department, has also been working on a voluntary privacy framework this fall similar to the voluntary cybersecurity framework that it released several years back.

Coverage of White House and Federal Regulators::

NIST Voluntary Privacy Framework – (overview)

NTIA Global Privacy Priorities

Media Reports White House Considering Privacy Law Changes


U.S. House of Representatives

The House is considering a number of different privacy bills including the BROWSER Act, the APPS Act, the DATA Act, the Secure and Protect Americans’ Data Act, and the Do Not Track Kids Act. We have compiled information about each one of them.

In light of the election victory this November, the House Democrats are expected to use their clout to push for a robust data privacy law. Multiple media outlets reported either before or after the election that the House will push for additional protections in this area. The big question seems to be whether they can come to an agreement on the terms from the various proposed bills that can garner enough support to make it through the Republican-led Senate.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has said that California representatives are unlikely to allow a weaker federal privacy law to preempt the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Update on the Federal Privacy Law Negotiations

Internet Bill of Rights for Privacy

Information Transparency and Personal Data Control Act

New Privacy Bills: APPS Act and DATA Act of 2018

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Highlights of Browser Act to Protect Privacy in U.S. House

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Do Not Track Kids Act Back in Congress

After the Facebook Privacy Hearings


U.S. Senate

The Senate will be considering privacy bills such as the CONSENT Act, the Social Media Privacy and Consumer Rights Act, and the Do Not Track Kids Act. We have compiled information about each one of them and will be closely following the news to bring you additional information as the Senate gets deeper into the process of crafting a new federal privacy law.


Update on the Federal Privacy Law Negotiations

Senators Introduce Dashboard Act to Increase Data Transparency

Senate Protecting Personal Health Data Act Would Expand Health Privacy Regulation

Democrats Push for Private Right of Action in Senate Commerce Committee Privacy Bill

Summary of the Algorithmic Accountability Act and the Do Not Track Act

Senate Commerce Efforts Continue on Privacy Bill

Proposed Senate Privacy Bill of Rights Act Includes Private Right of Action

Own Your Own Data Act

Senate COPPA Amendments

Commercial Facial Recognition Privacy Act

Digital Accountability and Transparency to Advance (DATA) Privacy Act

American Data Dissemination Act – Senator Marco Rubio.

Data Care Act – 15 Senate Democrats led by Senator Schatz

Consumer Data Protection Act – Draft by Senator Wyden

Another Senate Privacy Bill in the Works

Senator Thune Privacy Bill

8 Proposals on Privacy from Draft Senate Policy Paper

Senate Consumer Protection Subcommittee Further Explores Facebook Data Privacy

Facebook Answers Senate Questions on Privacy

Social Media Privacy and Consumer Rights Act introduced into Senate

Senate to Consider CONSENT Act for Enhanced Privacy Protections Online

Privacy Bills in Congress Get Boost From Facebook’s Latest Data Scandal

Do Not Track Kids Act Back in Congress

After the Facebook Privacy Hearings


Business and Organization Proposals

Tech companies have seized on the opportunity to influence federal law and possibly avoid adoption of a patchwork system of state laws through preemption following the passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This has resulted in lobbying efforts by multiple tech companies and business organizations. As part of their efforts, they have created a few different proposals for privacy bills and released them for discussion. We have included links to information about some of the potential bills below:

Center for Democracy & Technology

Business Roundtable Privacy Framework

Intel Draft Privacy Law – (update)

ITI FAIR Privacy Framework

US Chamber of Commerce Privacy Principles

Last Update: July 3, 2019