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GDPR Consulting Services and Software

Clarip offers GDPR consulting services and software to the Fortune 500, technology companies, online retailers and other companies with websites. If you are looking for GDPR compliance consultants to help you get on an affordable path to protecting data privacy, call Clarip today at 1-888-252-5653.

Clarip GDPR consultants can assist you in the creation of automated software and manual processes to address your data privacy issues. From data protection impact assessments and privacy by design to data risk intelligence and enhanced transparency with customers, Clarip has the experience and knowledge to help you improve privacy protections.

There are many GDPR consulting firms out there, and we are proud every time we are selected to fulfill a clients needed. Whether you need help with one article of GDPR or all of them, Clarip will walk your employees through the evaluation of your company’s needs and suggest changes to the manual and automated processes to help you move towards compliance.


Data Mapping

Having trouble figuring out what data you are collecting, using and sharing to meet the GDPR data mapping requirement? Clarip can help you produce GDPR data maps that answer these questions for you. Using Hybrid AI processes that combines the Clarip software with human intelligence, Clarip can identify the types of data you are collecting, how you are using it, who it is shared with in your organization, and what third-parties ultimately receive it. Clarip data mapping software can also do an automated data map of your website, app and internal systems for risk intelligence about your data leaks as it is mapping your data flows.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

DPIAs are a process that can be outsourced to consultants. Consultants can look at the risks to the data privacy of consumers based on your software and business processes with fresh eyes. They also are able to make recommendations that might not be suggested by employees due to their long term ties to the company If you collect and/or share sensitive data that falls within the requirement to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment, and you have not performed them, then call Clarip about our GDPR consulting services.

Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default

Do you need GDPR consultants to look at your technology and business processes to help determine ways to minimize the privacy implications of your practices on the rights of others? Clarip has a team of technology, business and legal professionals with the experience that you require to offer suggestions on how to implement privacy by design and privacy by default under Article 25.


Transparency is one of the core principles of the GDPR. If you aren’t accurately describing your privacy and data protection practices to consumers, then you will have trouble demonstrating your GDPR efforts sufficiently to the Data Protection Authorities (DPAs). Clarip can provide consulting services designed to improve the transparency of your Privacy Notice for Humans(TM) helps bus

Risk Assessments and Data Risk Intelligence

We also offer assistance determining the GDPR compliance risks of an organization’s current manual and automated processes with respect to data collection, sharing, usage and documentation. If you need an outside organization to double check what you are already doing for GDPR, call Clarip and our team of consultants.

Manual vs. Automation

Many large businesses had budgets of $1+ million to meet the technology needs of their company due to GDPR. Sometimes automated technology processes created by teams of software engineers are the only way to keep up with the data privacy needs of an organization that collects data via automatic processes. The data subject access rights are one area where this sort of automation can pay dividends. On the other hand, if a company only expects to receive a handful of requests, then there is no need for a custom process for your organization.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

One of our compliance services is to act as a virtual Data Protection Officer. Not all organizations need a DPO, but those that are required by Article 37 need to have one in place in order to be in GDPR compliance. Article 37(6) says that the DPO may be either a staff member or perform the necessary tasks “on the basis of a service contract”. As a result, the UK ICO has said that outsourcing the DPO function is permissible so long as certain conditions are met. In the event that you do not have an internal employee to serve as your DPO, call Clarip to begin discussing a DPO as a Service relationship. Our external DPO services are built to keep the cost in line with the data privacy needs of your organization.

Small Business Consulting

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have different challenges under GDPR. They generally don’t have the massive data problems of large corporations. But they also don’t have the ability to use the large budget of a big business to solve all of their compliance issues. If you are a small business that needs assistance with GDPR, ask Clarip about our consulting services and software packages.

Cybersecurity – Sorry, Not Typically What We Do.

We tell a number of people out there that we are not a cybersecurity company. There are plenty of consulting firms out there if you are looking to improve your digital security. If you are looking for a referral in this area, please call us and we will be more than happy to send you some names. We are a privacy company and there are plenty of good data protection companies focused on data security from external threats.


The GDPR principle of accountability is an important one and worth bringing in outside counsultants to ensure that your recordkeeping processes are sufficient to meet the expectations of the DPAs. After all, if you can’t demonstrate compliance to the DPIAs, then your organization has not taken all of the initiatives that it had to in order to avoid penalties.

Call Clarip at 1-888-252-5653 to speak to us about consulting services on GDPR generally or a focused effort to improve the data privacy practices of your organization within a specific area.

Improve Data Privacy for GDPR or CCPA with Clarip

The Clarip team and enterprise privacy management software are ready to meet your compliance automation challenges. Click here to contact us (return messages within 24 hours) or call 1-888-252-5653 to schedule a demo or speak to a member of the Clarip team.

If compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act is your focus until 2020, ask us about our CCPA software. Handle automation of data subject access requests with our DSAR Portal, or provide the right to opt out of the sale of personal information with the consent management software.

Need to improve your GDPR compliance solution? Clarip offers modular GDPR software that can fill in gaps in your privacy program. Choose from the data mapping software for an automated solution to understanding your data collection and sharing, conduct privacy risk assessments with DPIA software, or choose the cookie consent manager for ePrivacy.

Click here to contact us (return messages within 24 hours) or call 1-888-252-5653 to schedule a demo and speak to a member of the Clarip team.

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