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GDPR Data Mapping Software Tool for Privacy Risk Assessments

Schedule a demo of the Clarip GDPR data mapping software on your website by calling 1-888-252-5653. Use a Hybrid AI software tool developed as part of our enterprise privacy management program to scan your online websites to make identification of privacy risks easier.

Has your organization completed all of the following tasks as part of your GDPR compliance preparations?

– Constructed a manual data flow map to highlight the data collected, processed and shared by your organization.
– Done your data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) to identify and mitigate any major privacy risks.
– Put in place Article 28 data processing agreements with all of your vendors.
– Updated your privacy policy to disclose your organization’s data collection and processing

Then now is the time to conduct an automated privacy scan to determine whether your organization has indeed gathered and disclosed all of its data collection, processing and sharing. Call Clarip at 1-888-252-5653 for a demo of our website Data Risk Intelligence scanner.

Here are some of the features of the Data Risk Intelligence scan:

Automated Website Scanning for Third-Party Beacons, Trackers and Cookies

Third-party beacons, trackers, cookies and other technologies on your website are loaded by the server and user browser when a visitor calls your website in its browser. As concerns over data privacy and protection have increased, the potential for data leaks as a result of third-party technology and data sharing has increasingly come to the forefront. This powerful GDPR software tool helps identify all of them so that you can track them, make sure they are all authorized, put appropriate agreements in place to protect your business information, and minimize compliance risks from GDPR.

Third-party data sharing has become a major concern for businesses after the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal. Government regulators, the media and consumers are all closely scrutinizing businesses for improper data sharing without disclosure. If your organization has not gathered a list of all of its third-party vendors recently and checked it against its Article 28 GDPR data processing contracts as well as the information disclosed on the privacy policy, now is a great time to do so!

Powerful Data Visualization

When you see the technology used by your website mapped in the Clarip data matrix, the scope of your data collection and third-party sharing will be front and center. This is one of the most powerful GDPR data mapping tools on the market to see the collection and sharing of your data from your website.


Third-Party Vendor Management Information

Are you sharing data with an organization that has had multiple data breaches? The Clarip website scanner integrates one of the world’s largest breach databases so that you can easily evaluate whether your organization wants to continue sharing information with the third-party.

Identify Gaps in Privacy Policies

Our Hybrid AI technology takes note of data collection and sharing that may or may not be adequately addressed in the organization’s privacy policy. Your attorney can then redraft the section to ensure that your organization is adequately protected against the compliance risks.


GDPR Documentation

Article 30 of the GDPR requires organizations to keep records of their data processing. Regular scans with the Clarip website scanner can build records of the types of data collected on your website and information about the third-party vendors that are receiving data from the website.

External or Internal Systems

Our website scanner is typically used by companies on public facing websites in order to determine the potential points of data leakage. However, it can also be used on internal websites behind a firewall in order to ascertain whether there are any areas of data sharing within the organization.

Demo the Clarip Website Scanner:

For a demo of Clarip’s Data Risk Intelligence scanner, call Clarip today at 1-888-252-5653.

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