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GDPR Article 30 ROPA Software for Data Privacy Documentation

Is your organization ready to provide an updated Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) to a data protection authority under EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 30? The Clarip ROPA software can help automate discovery of your data collection, usage and sharing to reduce the resource burden on your organization in keeping its Article 30 records up to date.

GDPR Article 30 Recordkeeping

GDPR went into effect in May 2018. As part of the preparation process, companies had to review their privacy practices and make a number of changes. Organizations needed to undergo a data discovery or data mapping process, review their privacy policy, enhance cybersecurity practices, and ensure that all processing was covered by a lawful basis, among other things. However, it is often said that GDPR compliance is a process and not a deadline.

GDPR Article 30 is one of the places where this is particularly true. It requires controllers and processors of 250 persons or more to keep a record with, among other things, a description of the categories of data subjects, the categories of personal data, and the purposes of the processing. The records must be made available by either the controller or the processor upon request of the supervisory authority.

As a result, organizations need to have access to these records and keep them up to date. As the organization’s data processing and processors change, these need to be reflected on the ROPA. The danger is that a data protection authority will request a ROPA which is out of date and then the company will need to scramble to update it.


Manual vs Automated ROPA

If your organization has not completed a manual process of documentation under Article 30 or is having difficulty finding the internal resources to maintain up-to-date documentation of processing, then it is time to consider automating your ROPA. This works well when a corporation is handling a lot of data, it has multiple business units processing data in different ways, when no individual has full insight into all of the different ways that personal data is being used within a corporation, or if there is not sufficient internal staffing in order to keep up with it amidst the other priorities.

The information for the ROPA is gathered by internal data mapping and analysis through the Clarip Data Risk Intelligence module. The software engages in data discovery, identifying the personal data collected, where it is stored by the organization and which third-parties it is shared with by the organization. The results of the internal data mapping conducted by the enterprise privacy software are then used to maintain the Article 30 Records of Processing Activity.

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