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Survey: 88% of Irish Businesses Optimistic About GDPR Compliance

A survey of Irish businesses released this month by Mazar and McCann Fitzgerald provides additional benchmarking data for companies closely following developments in the months after the May rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The online survey of senior employees in compliance and data protection at Irish businesses was conducted during October 2018. The survey captured a cross section of businesses according to number of employees, business sector and industry. There were 73 respondents.

Here was some of the data that were highlighted in the report that they produced describing the results:

– 84% are satisfied that they are materially compliant with GDPR.


– 84% have either implemented IT solutions, or intend to implement over the next 12 months, for delivering and demonstrating GDPR compliance.

– 64% of respondents believe GDPR compliance will be beneficial for organization relations with their employees, customers and other stakeholders in the long term.

– 56% have seen an increase in the volume of data subject access requests since GDPR implementation with 27% noting “they have increased a lot”.

– 54% identified consent as the legal basis or processing which they were finding extremely or very challenging.

– 33% identified Records of Processing Activity (ROPA) / Data Inventory as the greatest remaining challenge for their organization.

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