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CCPA Compliance Note: The Lookback Period Starts on January 1, 2019

Is your business ready for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? CCPA compliance will bring a range of privacy challenges for companies in 2019 whether they have already prepared for GDPR or not. Now that the calendar has turned to December, there is only a month until the lookback period for the CCPA starts and it is time to begin getting ready.

What is the Lookback Period?

One important aspect to keep in mind with the California privacy law is that the law has a 12 month lookback period for the information that needs to be provided to consumers. In order to meet the expected level of transparency in your privacy policy, your organization really needs to know what is happening with personal data from the start of January 2019. At a minimum, organizations should have a solid grip on what data they are collecting, how it is being used and who it is being shared with (both internally within the organization as well as third-parties).


This information does not need to be disclosed under the law until January 1, 2020. Yet, the sooner that your organization can start preparing for these disclosures, the better off it will be. Companies that postpone their data inventory and mapping until after the lookback period is underway will need to go back and analyze historical data collected by the company, which is tougher than analyzing it as it is coming into the business.

Is Your Business Covered by CCPA?

The law applies to businesses collecting personal information on more than 50,000 consumers, households, or devices annually. It alternatively applies to businesses that have annual gross revenues in excess of $25 million. If your business is doing either, or 50 percent of revenue comes from selling personal data, then it is a covered business and must comply with the CCPA.

The Best Time to Prepare for CCPA is Now!

It has only been six months since California passed the country’s most comprehensive privacy law, yet it is already time to begin ramping up planning for the compliance challenges that you will encounter from it over the next year, as well as investigating available solutions from existing privacy technology.

There are roughly 12 months left before the CCPA goes into effect and as many as 18 months before the California Attorney General will begin enforcement of the law. However, GDPR preparations showed many businesses that it can take more than a year to mature an organization’s privacy practices. Surveys of business and privacy professionals taken around the May GDPR deadline showed that many of them did not expect to be in compliance until the end of the year, seven months after enforcement started. These organizations needed more time – even after the European Union officials gave them a two year gap between the publication of the law and its May 25th start to enforcement.

We are seeing many businesses that have already begun their CCPA compliance preparations. If your organization needs help with enterprise privacy management, please call 1-888-252-5653 for a free demo of our privacy software.

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If your challenge right now is CCPA compliance for your California operations, allow us to show you our CCPA software. From consent management software to offer the option to opt-out of the sale of personal data, to a powerful DSAR Portal to facilitate the right to access and delete, Clarip offers enterprise privacy management at an affordable price.

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