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GDPR Article 14 (Full Text) – Personal Data Obtained from Third Party

GDPR Article 13 (Full Text) – Transparency

GDPR Article 12 (Full Text) – Transparency in Data Subject Rights

GDPR Article 11 (Full Text) – Processing Without Data Subject Identification

GDPR Article 10 (Full Text) – Personal Data of Criminal Convictions

GDPR Article 9 (Full Text) – Special Categories of Data

GDPR Article 8 (Full Text) – Children’s Consent Conditions

GDPR Article 7 (Full Text) – Consent Conditions

GDPR Article 6 (Full Text) – Lawful Processing Basis

GDPR Article 5 (Full Text) – Personal Data Processing Principles

GDPR Article 4 (Full Text) – Definitions for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR Article 3 (Full Text) – Territorial Scope

GDPR Article 2 (Full Text) – Material Scope

GDPR Article 1 (Full Text) – Subject Matter of the EU General Data Protection Regulation

History of Data Privacy in the United States

History of the Right to be Forgotten