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Privacy Management Software Tools for GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Legal Obligation Exceptions to the CCPA Right to Delete

Internal Use Exceptions to the CCPA Right to Delete

The Research Exception to the CCPA Right to Delete

California Privacy Laws – CCPA, Shine the Light, CalOPPA

Weekly California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Webinars

Comparison: CCPA vs. GDPR

CCPA for Non-CA Businesses

Proposed California Consumer Privacy Act (AB-375) Text

GDPR Representative Requirement in Article 27 for Non-EU Businesses

The GDPR Data Processing Agreement under Article 28

Differences between a GDPR Data Controller vs. Data Processor

What is a Data Processor under GDPR?

GDPR Data Protection Officer Roles and Responsibilities

Data Protection Officer Legal Requirement Under GDPR

Proposed California Consumer Privacy Rights Act Text

Proposed California Consumer Privacy Act Enforcement: AG, Whistleblowers and Consumers

Preference Management Software Solution

EU Cookie Directive Law

GDPR Privacy by Design Requirement

GDPR Right of Access Under Article 15

The GDPR Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten) Under Article 17

GDPR 72 Hour Data Breach Notifications

The Right to Rectification (Correction) Under GDPR Article 16

Right to Data Portability under GDPR Article 20

Just in Time Privacy Notice for GDPR Compliance

The Extraterritorial Reach of GDPR to United States Businesses

GDPR Compliant, Readable Privacy Policies

Cookie Consent and the ePrivacy Regulation (formerly ePrivacy Directive)

Outsourced DPO: GDPR Data Protection Officer as a Service

Data Privacy as a Service

Layered Privacy Policies: The Solution to Unread Notices

Privacy Notice for Humans: Hybrid AI Layered Privacy Policy for Businesses

GDPR Fines and Penalties for Noncompliance

Overview of Privacy Policies

Cookie Compliance Tools: Consent Manager and Cookie Scanner

GDPR Transparency Requirements

Website Compliance Audit for a GDPR Compliant Website

GDPR Data Mapping Software Tool for Privacy Risk Assessments

GDPR Legitimate Interests: An Overview

How to Obtain Consent Under GDPR

Beyond GDPR Consent: Other Categories for Lawful Processing of Data

Best Practices for GDPR Consent

GDPR’s Special Categories of Personal Data

Verbal Consent under GDPR

GDPR-K: Children’s Data and Parental Consent under the GDPR

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Article 29 of ePrivacy Regulation: Entry into Force and Application (Proposed Text)

Article 28 of ePrivacy Regulation: Monitoring and Evaluation Clause (Proposed Text)

Article 27 of ePrivacy Regulation: Repeal (Proposed Text)