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Data Privacy Automation

In a world of automated data collection, processing and third-party data sharing, data privacy automation is one of the best ways to keep up with the compliance requirements. As more governments adopt comprehensive privacy regulations and individuals become more aware of their new rights, there will be an even greater need for the use of software and technology to keep up with the world of big data.

After realizing that data privacy automation is necessary, many organizations choose to outsource their privacy software to a third-party like Clarip. Organizations either do not have the in-house resources and expertise to create homegrown solutions or they do not wish to allocate their scarce engineering resources to such a project. Other organizations find it more efficient to buy from a third-party who will maintain and improve the product over time according to the needs of the organization to meet shifting regulatory requirements.

Clarip has pre-built software for organizations to help with GDPR and CCPA compliance. Clarip assists with the implementation of the project and offers both instruction and support for users. When organizations need more assistance, Clarip can custom build features or over consulting to assist organizations in certain situations.

Data Mapping

Automation of data mapping and discovery is crucial to the success of many privacy initiatives. A manual process is usually time consuming and expensive. It also tends to grow stale quickly as organizations collect more data, build more features, and onboard more third-party vendors. Organizations looking to expand their privacy maturity typically find that automating data mapping helps with privacy audits, improved accuracy of privacy disclosures, and more efficient responses to data subject access requests.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Technology-assisted DPIAs and PIAs allow organizations to gather the necessary information from between teams and save the records in one place. They eliminate manual input of paper forms and allow the combination of information easily from multiple places into one record for compliance recordkeeping and data protection authority inquiries.

Data Subject Access Rights

DSAR responses can be a time consuming manual process because they require consumer verification, tracking down all of the data from multiple places, reviewing it for appropriateness/deletion, actually deleting it (in the case of a deletion request), and any necessary back and forth communications with the individual, including the possibility of time extensions. It can also require a multi-disciplinary team of privacy/compliance, customer service, legal and IT to work together to respond. Automating the process frees up resources to allow these teams to perform their other work rather than struggle to keep up as the DSARs grow.

Consent and Preference Management

Most organizations are tracking consent individually. If they need to check consent for email marketing, they look at their email marketing system. If they need to capture consent for something else, it goes in a different system (or worse is captured in a form email). An automated consent and preference management system eliminates the confusion

Privacy Audits

Many compliance and legal departments struggle because they do not have sufficient insight into what their IT and marketing teams (whether in-house or third-party) are doing. With some organizations having thousands of websites and databases, it would be difficult to keep up with everything going on.

Organizations that perform technology-assisted privacy audits can get better insights into what is happening and save their organizations from the substantial cost of government investigations and fines. Software can help organizations perform better and deeper audits into their actual data privacy practices.

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