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Individual Rights Manager Software for GDPR & CCPA Privacy Requests

Clarip offers software to help businesses with individual rights management requests for privacy compliance. Our individual rights manager was built for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and modified after the announcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If your organization is overwhelmed by right to access and delete requests, please call 1-888-252-5653 to see a demo of our enterprise software solution to this regulatory requirement.

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Privacy laws are giving individuals more control over their personal data, from the right to access the information that has been collected and stored on them, to the ability to delete that personal information. In order to execute these rights in an efficient manner, an organization should have a system in place to perform an intake of these requests, track fulfillment internally, and manage responses. With short time frames attached to this process by regulation and the possibility of complaints by individuals to the data protection authority triggering a larger investigation into privacy practices, establishing a system to manage them will make sense for a lot of organizations. Email will only go so far.

What are the Individual Rights?

Individual Rights is becoming an alternative term for the privacy rights that were first referred to as the data subject access rights in GDPR. With the adoption of the CCPA and the increasing possibility that Congress creates a federal privacy law, it seems more likely that the term “data subjects” is renamed to something that sounds more user friendly. Does anyone actually want to be considered a data subject anyway?

The rights given to individuals in the United States are not going to be limited to those rights considered part of the data subject access rights in GDPR available for Europe. As a result, the term data subject access rights won’t make as much sense out of the context of the GDPR anyway.

How is an Individual Rights Manager different from a DSAR Portal?

The Clarip data subject access rights portal was built for GDPR compliance – where these requests are referred to as the DSARs. Although we often refer to this module as the DSAR Portal due to the familiarity of privacy professionals with that term, the same underlying technology supports both.

The Clarip software for individual privacy rights management is not limited to the right to access, correct, delete and export data. It can be adapted to include additional rights as they are specified in privacy regulation by the United States or other countries. Simply put, the DSAR Portal was built with the flexibility to handle requests for other rights and is not limited to the data subject access requests that are available to EU citizens from GDPR.



Ready for California?

The Clarip enterprise privacy management modules provide businesses the software needed to fulfill the core requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act. If you are still looking for a individual rights manager to fulfill the requirements of the CCPA, call 1-888-252-5653 to schedule a demo of the Clarip solution.

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If your immediate need is California Consumer Privacy Act compliance, take a look at our CCPA software. From consent management to powerful DSAR Software, Clarip offers enterprise privacy management at an affordable price.

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