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Privacy Notice for Humans: Hybrid AI Layered Privacy Policy for Businesses

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to transform your attorney-approved privacy policy into the Clarip Privacy Notice for Humans (TM), a concise, transparent GDPR-compliant AI layered privacy policy disclosure that users can quickly digest and understand.

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Why Hybrid AI?

Privacy policies written by attorneys can be expensive. Due to GDPR and the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica news, many businesses will need to rewrite the legalese contained in their existing disclosure so that it serves to both protect the company legally as well as offer users a clear understanding of the organization’s data collection, usage and sharing.

AI privacy policy technology offers an easy way to take the legal document and transform it for the user.

Clarip technology uses AI/ML to scan the existing lawyer-created privacy disclosure and create a concise, easy to understand wrapper that acts as a layered privacy disclosure on top of it to improve transparency. Users that want to read the full privacy policy can still do so by clicking on a link to it.

It is called Hybrid AI because it favors accuracy over automation. Humans are introduced into the workflow in order to review it berfore it goes live. However, with every privacy policy that it scans, it gets better at understanding what information is being collected, how it is being used and if it is being shared.


The Need for a Readable Privacy Policy

Existing Privacy Policies contain thousands of words and users don’t typically take the 10 or more minutes it can take to read and digest them. The U.S. Congress hearings with Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook – Cambridge Analytica made clear that most privacy disclosures are written to help the company in court, not to provide users with the information that they need to understand a company’s data collection, usage and sharing.

An alternative system of privacy disclosures is needed. A blended system of layered privacy policies and just in time notices have been suggested as a better manner to provide information to users of websites and products.

The Benefits of a Layered Privacy Policy

The Clarip Privacy Notice for Humans introduces a layered privacy policy approach. It provides a short, easy to understand disclosure before providing the existing, full legal disclosure. This sort of layered disclosure approach has been endorsed by the UK ICO as part of organi.

GDPR Compliance Software for Transparency

GDPR Article 5 requires that personal data should be processed in a transparent manner. Article 12 of the GDPR further specifies that information must be provided using clear and plain language in a concise manner. The result of this change in the law for businesses selling to EU citizens or collecting data about them is that many privacy policies in use on websites right now won’t meet the standard that has been set out. Clarip helps businesses bring their privacy policy into GDPR compliance through a straightforward, easy to understand short form wrapper on top of their privacy policy.

The Clarip Privacy Notice for Humans offers companies the ability to improve transparency concerning their data collection, usage and sharing in order to both improve consumer trust and promote GDPR compliance. Call Clarip at 1-888-252-5653 for a demo of our Hybrid AI privacy policy software and other GDPR compliance technology.

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