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Preference Management Software Solution

The Clarip Enterprise Preference Management Software offers a solution for businesses seeking to understand and connect with customers across multiple channels. The API based system offers the best means to access the stored user preference and configuration data, providing for real-time segmentation of customers. By integrating our consent management software module with our preference management solution, the system enables your organization to deliver both compliance and real choice to consumers.

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A comprehensive customer preference management strategy for businesses interacting with consumers is the future of consent management. Today’s standard and limited opt-in or opt-out systems working in a single channel will evolve as data privacy legislation expands and consumers demand real change. Business, technology and marketing efforts are capable of doing so much better.

Customers want to be given choice. They want to connect with brands that they love and get beneficial marketing and other announcements but they want to do so on their terms. Preference management gives your customers a way to tell your business what they want.

Forrester Research found that 77% of consumers think they should be able to decide how, when and where marketing communications happen with them. And marketers that have deployed effective preference management get great results. A report on the Oracle website indicates 89% report higher customer satisfaction, 80% report higher customer retention, 80% report better campaign results, and 78% report higher ROI.


Ultimately, transparency and user control are the twin pillars of building trust with consumers on data privacy. And trust inherently leads to a better customer relationship and more sales. Businesses can’t afford to cede other companies a competitive advantage by allowing their competitors to implement preference management and reap the benefits of great customer trust and less churn.

There are many reasons that you should listen to your customers, here are just a few.

1. Customers know what they want and need. They will spend money and help you grow your business if you find out what they want and give it to them.

2. You can’t afford to alienate customers. If you want them to buy or continue to buy what you are selling, then you need to know what they do not want you to do and avoid it.

3. Customers feel valued if you listen. They appreciate it when you list to their feedback and then execute upon it. It makes them want to help you succeed.

4. It’s the best form of market research. Market research can be expensive but your customers will give it to you for free if you implement a preference management solution.

Consider Clarip today. Even before Facebook-Cambridge Analytica, the largest consumer oriented businesses were already adopting greater preference management. The Cambridge Analytica data scandal has greatly accelerated the speed of adoption. Since privacy has become a dinner table issue, and additional regulation by governments appears not far off, many businesses are taking a second (and third) look at how they can give users more transparency and control.

What does it mean to better manage preferences?

– It means that users can opt-in or out of messaging across every channel.
– It allows customers to control the type (messaging) and frequency of marketing.
– It extends the ability to manage preferences from the website to other brand assets where customers interact.
– It ensures that customer data is always up to date.

Clarip Preference Management Software Features:

Application Programming Interface (API): The REST API offers reliable, fast performance and scaling while offering interoperability between computer systems of the web services built on top of it.

Multi-Channel Preference Management: Seamlessly integrate across platforms to allow for the collection of preferences from multiple channels and customer touchpoints. Get a holistic image of the customer based on their responses across different devices.

Compliance: Clarip understands that enterprise businesses must have the ability to collect, manage and archive privacy choices for federal, state, international, and other regulations. As a data privacy company, we have the background and experience to ensure that your preference management system does not become a compliance nightmare.

Requires Minimal IT Resources: We understand that IT departments are busy and already swamped completing other goals or maintaining legacy systems. We work with business, marketing, compliance and IT leaders to ensure easy implementation and the minimum internal resources necessary to achieve the task at hand.

About Clarip

Clarip is a company based in Philadelphia, PA with enterprise privacy management software used by Fortune 500 clients and more! Clarip CEO Andy Sambandam is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in technology, management consulting and software engineering. He is a recognized thought leader and subject matter expert in data privacy, risk intelligence, privacy tech, enterprise content management and artificial intelligence.

California’s New Privacy Law: Get your business ready for the California Consumer Privacy Act with Clarip.

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