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More DPAs Issuing GDPR Fines and Warnings

We are closely following news from data protection authorities (DPAs) about their GDPR enforcement actions and investigations. There have been a few recently that we wanted to bring you up to speed on here on the Clarip Privacy Blog:

CNIL Warns Adtech Startup Vectaury Over Consent

The French DPA CNIL put French digital advertising startup Vectaury on notice that it was in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the end of October and would face sanctions if it did not correct its practices within three months. The decision made news for its impact on digital advertising and adtech.

Vectaury is an adtech company that matches geolocation data collected via mobile apps distributed by third parties to its profile information to target users with ads by advertisers.

For a period of time after GDPR went into effect according to the decision, users of the apps were not informed about the usage of geolocation data by Vectaury and were not asked to provide their consent.


The CNIL decision also covered a period of time when the company attempted to implement a consent management platform (CMP) to collect consent. However, CNIL did not accept this process because of the difficult layered navigation, the default consent settings, and a lack of transparency making any choice not informed.

CNIL also objected to the acquisition of consent in this manner because Vectaury could not independently verify user consent. An article in Techcrunch questioned the validity of consent that is passed through contractual agreements among digital advertising companies after the decision.

The decision did not impose a fine. Vectaury was given three months to correct its GDPR compliance.

The CEO of IAB Europe described this “first shot across the bows” as “a constructive attempt to nudge the industry in a direction that will contribute to its sustainability.”

German Regional DPA Fines Social Media Platform Over Data Breach

A regional DPA in Germany has fined German Social media platform Knuddels.de 20,000 Euros in November because it stored passwords in plain text. The investigation into one of the country’s largest chat platforms followed a data breach exposing the personal information of 330,00 users. The DPA said that storing the passwords in clear text violated its duty to ensure data security under GDPR Article 31(1)(a).

The low level of the fine took into consideration the cooperation by the platform, their high level of transparency, a range of enhanced security measures implemented since the incident, and the overall financial burden on the company. GDPR authorizes maximum fines of up to 20 million euros or 4 percent of the company’s global annual revenue.

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