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Next Stop for CCPA Amendments AB-25 and AB-874 is an Assembly Floor Vote

The first wave of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) amendments moved on to their respective Appropriations Committee hearings this week on Monday and Wednesday. The three bills were SB-561, AB-25 and AB-874. Two of the three bills made it out of the fiscal committees on consent and await a floor vote – AB-25 and AB-874.

SB-561 – Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s bill supported by the California Attorney General to expand the CCPA private right of action was placed on the suspense file by a vote of 6-0 by the California Senate Appropriations Committee. The suspense file is a bill or set of bills, with a fiscal impact, set aside by the Appropriations Committee. The suspense file is often used by the fiscal committee to hold bills with a significant fiscal impact so they can be evaluated once they have a better sense of available revenue closer to the end of the term.

AB-25 – Assemblymember Ed Chau’s bill to remove employee data from the CCPA moved through the California Assembly Appropriations Committee 18-0 on consent. It is now on the consent calendar. The consent calendar is a group of noncontroversial bills that did not receive a “no” vote in the committee and had no person express opposition at the hearing.

AB-874 – Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin’s CCPA amendment to modify the definition of publicly available information and clearly exclude deidentified or aggregate consumer information from the definition of personal information also moved through the Assembly Appropriations Committee on an 18-0 vote and is now on the consent calendar.

There are six CCPA amendment bills remaining to be heard by the California Assembly Appropriations Committee: AB-846, AB-873, AB-981, AB-1138, AB-1146 and AB-1564. These bills were recommended by the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee with amendments. The bills have subsequently been amended and re-referred to the Appropriations Committee.

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