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Three More CCPA Amendments Unanimously Approved by CA Assembly Appropriations Committee

Three more amendments of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are headed towards a floor vote in the California Assembly after they were unanimously approved by the Appropriations Committee this week. The amendment are AB 846 (loyalty programs), AB 1146 (auto recalls) and AB 1564 (toll free phone number alternative).

The three California privacy bills will join two other CCPA amendments, AB-25 and AB-874, which are both waiting for a floor vote. The two prior Assembly bills are both on the consent calendar.

AB-846 amends Section 1798.125 of the CCPA to allow an exception to the nondiscrimination requirement for a customer’s voluntary participation in a loyalty, rewards premium features, discount or club card program. The exception prohibits a business from offering a different price, rate, level or quality of goods or services if it is unjust, unreasonable, coercive or usurious.

AB-1146 excludes vehicle information from the deletion and opt-out requirements if it is retained by or shared between a new motor vehicle dealer and the vehicle’s manufacturer pursuant to or in anticipation of a vehicle repair involving a recall or warranty work.

AB 1564 provides an option to the toll-free telephone number requirement. An organization may alternatively provide an email address and physical address for submitting the required requests. If a business operates exclusively online, they will only need to provide an email address.


We are closely tracking the CCPA amendment process and will provide updates here on the Clarip Privacy Blog as they move through the floor vote and Senate committee process over the next few months. If your organization would like a demo of our enterprise privacy management software, please call 1-888-252-5653.

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