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Privacy Notices and Policies: Effectively Communicating with Your Customers and Employees

Privacy Notices and Policies

Privacy notices and policies play an important role in communicating your organization’s privacy and data protection values and policies.

A privacy notice is a written document designed to help an organization fulfill its commitment to transparency.  The content of privacy notices is increasingly regulated.  The notices typically inform data subjects about personal information the organization collects about them, the purposes for collection and use of the information, how the information is shared, processed, and retained, and what rights data subjects have with respect to their personal information. Privacy notices should be regularly reviewed and updated and must reflect the organization’s actual policies and practices.

Furthermore, privacy notices should be clear and easy for consumers to follow and understand. There should be no legalese or confusing language.  A layered privacy notice, which could be created with the help of Clarip’s Privacy Notice for Humans technology, has become the solution for those organizations struggling to create a document that discloses all of the information that the law requires while best informing users of what data is collected, how it is used, and with whom it is shared. Many organizations have moved to multi-layered notices in order to effectively communicate their privacy policies to consumers.

A privacy policy is usually an internal document, addressed to the company’s employees and contractors, that outlines how an organization complies with the privacy laws, as well as the organization’s practices with respect to data protection.  Common internal policies include data management, information security, acceptable use, access control, remote access, and password policies.

The applicable policies should be made available and clearly communicated to all employees.  Organizations must train their employees on the policies and promote awareness of the policies at company meetings, webinars, performance evaluations, and via company pamphlets and emails.


Clarip Can Help Your Organization Build a Successful Privacy Program

Clarip’s Artificial Intelligence-based platform helps companies and consumers manage data privacy. With machine learning, text analytics, and data science, Clarip makes it easier for consumers to understand what is going on, and for companies to get a handle on the piling data from multiple channels and sources.

Clarip’s platform allows organizations to give choices to consumers, manage data privacy risks, and helps companies turn Big Data into Smart Data.  From fulfilling data subject access requests, cookie compliance and universal consent management, to the comprehensive website scanning and data mapping automation, Clarip takes enterprise privacy governance to the next level and helps organizations reduce risks, engage better, and gain customers’ trust!

Take a tour of Clarip’s patented technology and learn how Clarip can help significantly reduce cost and time in your data mapping efforts.  Schedule a Demo Today!

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