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Clarip Offers Solutions for Major Components of Data Privacy Compliance Across Multiple Jurisdictions

privacy compliance for multiple jurisdictions
Following in the footsteps of General Data Protection Regulation, which governs the collection, use, transmission, and security of data collected from the EU residents, California enacted the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in May of 2018.  The CCPA introduced individual consumer rights similar to GDPR and corresponding obligations on business.  Until November of 2020, the CCPA was the most comprehensive state data privacy law in the United States. The voter-approved California Privacy Right Act (CPRA), passed on November 3, 2020, makes California’s privacy law even closer to the GDPR by expanding rights of customers and employees, as well as compliance obligations of covered businesses and processors.

Clarip’s platform assists organizations doing business in the EU, California, and other jurisdictions to meet many shared components of the privacy legislations, and comply with the corresponding consumer rights and business obligations.

Components GDPR CCPA CPRA Clarip
Right to know what information a business has collected about individual clarip-p
Right to stop sale of personal information clarip-p
Right to delete personal information clarip-p
Obligation to keep information safe clarip-p
Right to access personal information in a portable format clarip-p
Special protection of minors’ information clarip-p
“Do Not Sell My Personal Information” button for customers clarip-p
Allow authorized agents submit data subject requests clarip-p
Restriction on processing sensitive personal information clarip-p
Right to correct personal information clarip-p
Limitation on collection of information clarip-p
Right to opt out of advertising clarip-p
Provides transparency around “profiling” and “automate decision making” clarip-p
Restriction on sale of personal information clarip-p

Clarip is here to assist your organization with the tools needed to successfully comply with these legislative components of privacy laws. In 2021, it is anticipated that further legislative developments and new privacy laws will emerge throughout the United States and other jurisdictions similar to the CCPA, CPRA, and the GDPR.  Schedule a demo with Clarip, and learn what your organization can do today to address these compliance challenges!
ccpa timeline and enforcement infographicEnlarge The California Consumer Privacy Act Timeline Infographic

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