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Revisit Your Website’s Privacy Policy with Clarip’s Proven Compliance Solutions

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If you have recently updated your Apple phone or Android to the latest versions – iOS 14 and Android 11 respectively – you would have noticed that they come with new enhanced privacy controls. These enhanced privacy controls allow users to more easily check, and change, the personal information that individual apps can access.

Did you know that your enterprise websites and apps should offer same or similar controls?

Preference Control

Offer consumers an easy-to-use preference management pop up accessed from the footer of your website. The pop up gives clarity to what information is collected and how it is used. Consumers can make marketing choices via granular and intuitive preference forms.

The Clarip Enterprise Preference Management Software offers a solution for businesses seeking to understand and connect with customers across multiple channels. The API based preference management offers the best means to access the stored user preference and configuration data, providing for real-time segmentation of customers. By integrating our consent management software and preference management solution, we enable organizations to better delivery compliance and real choice to consumers.

Custom Cookie Banner Solution

Consumers are becoming very aware of cookies ability to collect and track personal data. Under The California Consumer Privacy Act, data collected by cookies can count as personal information. While CCPA doesn’t require businesses to gain opt-in consent for cookies, it does require them to disclose what data is being collected by cookies and what companies do with that data.

Clarip’s cookie compliance tool can support millions of banners across millions of websites, and managed in a single instance. Easily create multiple banners – each with their own set of rules, and language settings and track them individually. Customers can gain a better understanding what and how cookies are being used, and can choose to opt-out.

Do Not Sell Module

The CCPA gives consumers based in California the right to tell businesses not to sell their personal data. Websites must have a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link on their home page that allows consumers to opt-out of the sale of personal information. Offer your customers a better opt-out experience with Clarip’s Do Not Sell module solution.

Simplified Privacy Policy

The average online user and shopper does not have time to read long, drawn out privacy policies. Many are too complicated to fully understand. An opinion piece published in New York Times characterized privacy policies as “an incomprehensible disaster.”

Clarip offers a Simplified Layered Privacy Policy, with access to the full privacy policy, demonstrating clarity and transparency that consumers can trust. With Clarip you can easily simplify your privacy notices, and offer meaningful disclosures to your customers.

Call Clarip at 1-888-252-5653 or contact us online for a demo of the Clarip privacy management platform in general and the cookie consent manager in particular.
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