A new way to Engage.

Customers care about Privacy. They are social, but they want to have choices. With hundreds of apps and numerous distractions, it is no wonder brands are facing challanges to improve and maintain customer engagement. Clarip platform goes to the core of the privacy issue and offers a way for brands to engage. Schedule a Demo to see more

Built on a modern SaaS architecture, our cloud-based platform supports high-volume activity and event capture, for millions of customers. Easily scale as needed with our platform built to handle hundreds of millions of saved preferences per day.

10 channels.

The old days of having a single email opt-out preference form is over. Today there are at least 10 channels for brands to deal with. Plus, a customer may prefer to receive certain types of information in one channel and other alerts and offers in another channel.

With Clarip you can easily allow your customers set granular level preferences across all the following channels, with varying levels of options, designed to increase engagement on a regular basis.

> Email
> Cell Phone - Outbound Calls
> Customer service calls
> Mobile Apps
> Website
> Twitter
> Facebook
> Instagram
> SnapChat
> Survey/feedback software
> Point of Sale (PoS) Terminals

With Clarip you can respect your customer wishes for privacy, yet engage with them easily.

The Road to Customer Trust starts here.

It is not a secret that people barely read lengthy privacy policies and terms. When a customer agrees to something without properly knowing what it is, then it is not good for the business. Eventually it is bound to cause issues, sometimes legal and very expensive. Our platform is built on the premise that in order for a business to be successful, it must embrace the idea "What is good for the customer is good for the business".

Our patent-pending technology and algorithms combined with our rigorous privacy processes, are designed to simplify your privacy and terms and bring clarity to customers.

Customers expect Transparency and Clarity

You can easily communicate your organization's privacy practices and obtain explicit consent - which allows you to monetize and engage further.

The Clarip platform can streamline your privacy processes and help you reduce privacy risks. The platform offers a public consumer dashboard that brings clarity and transparency.

With Clarip your customers can get a simplified privacy policy that shows them what's collected and what's shared.

Privacy Policy Cloud

Clarip's "Privacy Cloud" offers powerful features for your organization to manage privacy policies. You can maintain multi-lingual and multi-channel privacy policies easily

> Privacy policy is hosted on our cloud servers - Increases customer confidence
> Powerful version control showing all previous versions of a privacy policy - Full transparency to the public increases trust and brand loyalty.

Privacy Certification

Clarip privacy certification includes a comprehensive and proven set of processes to ensure your privacy practices meet applicable regulatory and industry standards.

Increase Conversions

Independent research by FireClick index and business research metrics by many third party firms, show the industry average for online conversion is just around 2-3%. This would indicate that 97-98% of your website visitors are leaving your site without buying. Increasing the conversion rate even slightly will have a dramatic impact on the overall revenues.

The Clarip Privacy Trust Seal is designed to address privacy and trust concerns among site visitors and help increase the site or app conversion rate. Check out the ROI and Conversion calculator to see how this can impact revenue for your organization.

Complying with local and global laws

Do you know the definition of PII (Personally identifiable information) varies from state to state? From FTC to FCC, many government agencies crack down on privacy violations and impose hefty fines. They focus on companies that handle consumer data either directly or indirectly. Being in compliance is not optional. It is a requirement.

The Clarip data privacy platform can help companies

1. Respond to compliance requests from regulatory agencies quickly and efficiently

2. Verification - Provide verification that the best practices are being followed

3. Understand the ever-evolving local and global privacy laws and regulations

4. Provide Transparency – The single most important thing that any regulatory body looks for

5. Demonstrate your commitment to protecting customer data. It is a key in building trust not only with users, but also with business partners, and regulators

6. Save Legal Costs – Save valuable time and expense associated with additional legal and operations resources

7. Easily ensure all your policies are being followed across the enterprise

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Dashboards offering holistic views.

With our powerful dashboards you get a comprehensive view on your compliance risks and customer engagement details.

Data at your fingertips.

Some of the information available in real-time include:

> The Number of customers who agreed to your privacy terms
> The percentage of customers who agreed to share their data
> Number of customers who gave consent for tracking their location
> Total Open Disputes
> API metrics
> Software Risk details
> Third-party and Vendor risks
> And much more..

Dispute Resolution

Privacy disputes can easily balloon into complex litigation and class action lawsuits. The settlements for the recent top 25 lawsuits alone amount over $260 million. Often companies overlook this critical risk mitigation strategy and neglect investment in this area hoping they never face that day. The false sense of security of having attorneys is no substitute for upcoming expenses. Lawyers still charge you for litigation while defending your company’s interests.

Clarip takes a unique approach. Put the customer first. Focus on their interest. Make their interest your company’s interest. Be transparent and give them the tools needed, if there ever is an issue or concern.

With Clarip customers are less likely to take you to the court as their first step. Instead it encourages customers to contact your brand directly and offers them a way to solve the issue.

1. Your customers can create support requests raising their privacy concerns
2. Any privacy concern related to kids can be brought up by parents
3. A very simple interface for your customers to interact
4. Automatic email notifications to keep them informed
5. Email notifications for the company’s privacy manager or administrator
6. Behind the scenes workflow to resolve issues by enabling back and forth communication
7. Executive dashboard showing open disputes and risks
8. Ability for privacy officer to resolve issues
9. Ability to track everything for evidence
10. Demonstrate proactive and progressive attitude setting you apart from competitors

With Clarip you can address your customer's privacy concers easily and engage with them to improve customer satisfaction.

Private and Hybrid cloud

Clarip platform is modular and scalable. We are the privacy guys. Our core philosophy starts with privacy. It is reflected in our platform architecture.

Clarip’s technology is built by design not to have direct access to your customer data. Instead we enable you with the tools necessary to manage data privacy for your organization. Depending on your enterprise security needs, we can recommend a complete private cloud or hybrid cloud, hosted or on-premise.

Custom Landing Pages

Your customers will have the same experience of your brand. The landing pages and microsites where they manage their preferences will be part of your brand look and feel.

1. Responsive and mobile first design
2. Fully customizable
3. Set high-level or granular options

Enterprise-wide Policy Manager and APIs

Technology has turned almost every company into a software company. Your organization is already dealing with data and interactions from multiple channels. It is also highly likely you are interacting with multiple vendors and service providers.

You need an enterprise policy to manage this new multi-channel-multi-vendor environment in order to protect your organization’s interests. Clarip offers you a very powerful set of tools to manage data privacy.

> Easily create enterprise-wide policies from an intuitive user dashboard
> Set specific vendor level permissions and policies
> Set specific product level permissions and policies
> Set specific channel level permissions and policies
> Scale and Evolve with Technology: Easily add, manage new vendors, products and channels

Implementation is easy
Our APIs allows your product managers and developers to easily integrate and get the global policy rules and implement in their products.

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Privacy Frameworks.

Contact us today for an in-depth overview of our privacy frameworks and see how we can help your organization. Its free to get started with an assessment!

Mobile Apps and IoT Devices.

People’s lives revolve around smart phones. They are extremely powerful tools. Technology allows companies to capture plenty of information and insights on customer behavior and track them to offer better products and services.

One key aspect however remains clear. It is Disclosure and Consent. Burying vaguely written phrases in the 10th paragraph of your 3000 word privacy policy is not going to cut it anymore. Plus a mobile phone’s capabilities are very different compared to a static website in a server. The same privacy policy of your website is no longer applicable. Different US states as well as European Union have specific regulations related to disclosure and consent and transparency specifically for mobile devices.

With Clarip you can set specific policies for mobile apps and IoT devices and enforce them within your organization’s products and services using simple API calls.

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Tackling Shadow IT Risks

Software / Shadow IT brings significant data privacy risks for your organization. Nearly 92% of companies don’t even know the scope of shadow IT. When executives think about shadow IT they often refer to potential unintended data leaks by employees who may be using unsecured cloud infrastructure and services. It is very valid, but there is another aspect, which is often overlooked.

Software whether it is on-premise or used as a cloud service, is capable of collecting various types of data. Administration / log data, data for trouble-shooting and debug modes, webserver server logs, DB logs, and network logs, to name a few are constantly collecting data. You need a through understanding of what software you have or your developers’ use, and what that software or service is collecting.

Whether it is Google analytics code on your website, or a cloud service, Clarip platform offers great features to tackle and manage Shadow IT/Software risks.

> Get an Inventory snapshot of your organization’s software
> Get a comprehensive list of data collected from each software or cloud vendor
> Impact on your privacy policies
> Easily modify disclosure notices and obtain consent

Event-based Responses.

Clarip helps you respond in real-time to data breaches.

Without relying on your IT department, you can immediately minimize risks whenever there is a data breach. Using simple controls within the platform’s UI- even a non-technical person, can simply turn off the switch and prevent data leaks for new and existing customer records.

Clarip helps you reduce per incident fines significantly by forcing applications not collect sensitive data – thereby protecting customer’s data.

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Privacy Threats Reports

Every organization is unique with its own set of customers. The industry you are in, they type of data you collect, the software you use for normal business operations, the customers you serve all have an impact on your organization’s privacy.

Regulations vary by industry and by data type. Disclosure, and obtaining consent are significantly different among industries. For health related data specific HIPAA regulations apply, yet health and fitness apps are not entirely covered.

Clarip gives you a comprehensive assessment of the privacy risks for your brand (includes website, apps, channels, etc.), and review of existing privacy policies and practices, as well as gap analysis to help you fix issues.

Offers via Third-party Integrations

Contact us today for an in-depth overview of how Clarip can integrate with third party loyalty programs and roll out offers and coupons for your customers - all with their consent and respecting their privacy! Its free to get started with an assessment!