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State Data Privacy Tracker

With new privacy laws continuously being introduced in state legislation, keeping up with the proposals has been a challenge for companies that might be subject to new regulations. Clarip’s State Data Privacy Tracker summarizes key provisions of the enacted and pending legislation to keep your company in the loop and ready.


Access To PII Collected Access to PII Shared Correction Delete Data Portability Privacy Notice Requirement Opt-Out Opt-In Minors Private Right of Action
Arizona HB2729
Connecticut SB1108
Florida SB1670
Hawaii SB418
Hawaii SB2451
Illinois SB2330
Maine SB275
Maryland HB0249
Massachusetts SD341
Minnesota HF2917
Mississippi HB1253
Nebraska LB746
Nevada SB220
New Hampshire HB1680
New Jersey AB4640 SB2834
New Mexico SB176
New York SB224
Pennsylvania HB1049
Washington SB5376 SB6281

*Data collected by Clarip Data Privacy Group. Red and bold indicates bills that passed into laws.