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Your digital footprints are everywhere!
Whether you are browsing the web, or ordering pizza, or using some of your mobile apps, or texting your friends, or checking social media - your activities and behavior are tracked by brands. That free app or service you thought is free, is not entirely free. Somewhere it is being monetized. Your data is often sold without your knowledge or consent. Even for legitimate business reasons, when companies share personal data, they are required by law to disclose and obtain consent. Burying that in a lengthy legal document is not helping the consumer.
Its no wonder no one reads them. Plus, its practically impossible to go to 100s of different brands you encounter in your life and assess their legal terms. You can probably get a law degree faster! What's probably not well known, is the fact that you are being targeted for ads and services, when you are the most vulnerable. Even your insurance premiums go up based on certain activities. Plus, you risk being the victim of identity theft, whenever there is a data breach. The consumer is helpless and left in the dark for too long.
Not anymore!
Clarip's technology brings the power of big data to Consumers. Its time to get educated and understand what is happening with your personal data and who is tracking you and who has access to your sensitive information! In fact, our platform is based on these 2 core principles when it comes to personal data and its use.

1. Right To Know
2. Freedom to Choose

More than Million words simplified, and counting.. Using our patent pending technology, we bring clarity and transparency to consumers and help them easily understand the privacy practices and terms of companies. You no longer need to blindly click "I Agree" without reading! We help brands communicate better, engage customers and build trust!   Simply put, we democratize data privacy!

Key Platform Features
1. Clarity - Easily understand what personal data is collected about you.

2. Access and track all the brands in your life from one interface.

3. APPS - Track all your mobile apps in one place.

4. Sharing - Easily understand who information is being shared with.

5. How - Easily understand how personal data is collected by each brand.

6. Insights - Find out who is tracking your location and how to turn it off.

7. Sensitive Data - See which brands collect your SSN, drivers licence #, etc.

8. Risk Dashboard - Understand your risks at a glance.

9. Alerts for data breaches.

10. Manage your preferences in one place.

11. IoT devices - Understand what IoT devices are collecting

12. Kids Privacy.

13. Search - Search and find out what's collected and shared before signing up for any service.

14. Dispute Resolution - Resolve privacy disputes with partner brands right from your interface.